Frequently Answered Questions

Pioneering in such a complex field is quite expensive. We see the reason why there are none big sustainable cargo vessels underway in 2019 in the huge risk of high investments relative to heavily subsidized fossil fuel.

Our size range is still affordable yet big enough to deliver evidence that we can move cargo emission free. Additionally we will collect loads of data and experiences for future designs before going bigger.

Besides all above our prototype will be able to enter many small harbors closer to production sites reducing polluting shorebased transportation.

Electric propulsion has 3 major disadvantages: limited range, access to efficient high voltage charging and storage of power (we don’t consider lithium based batteries as sustainable) and thus we can not take electricity as our main and only power for propulsion.

Therefore wind will be No 1 source of moving the ship forward as it is clean, powerful and available almost infinitely and everywhere. Our prototype will most likely still have means of electric propulsion to support the progress if required and for manouvering. There are good electricity collecting tools (photovoltaik, hydrogenerator etc.) available and we are evaluating sustainable battery solutions for storage of power not based on lithium.

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